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Marketing & Productivity During a Pandemic

Management, Marketing, Ben Barling, 21 Dec 20

With many businesses being forced to lay off staff, and the majority of us returning to our homes to work, its easy to feel bewildered and directionless. Spend the downtime marketing your business.


Managing Client Expectations

Management, Marketing, Ben Barling, 13 Jul 20

Communication has been the cornerstone that has allowed our species to crawl out of the swamps, develop medical breakthroughs, undertake huge architectural endeavours and, ultimately, put people in space.


Is Twitter the Best Place to be for Syndicated Content?

Marketing, Ben Barling, 24 Feb 20

While Twitter has always had far fewer users than Facebook – 330 million to Facebook’s 2.4 billion – at the moment it’s one of the best places to post syndicated content for your brand.


A Close Look at Thailand’s Use of Mobile Devices

Design, Marketing, SEO / PPC, Ben Barling, 28 Aug 19

With the surge of Thailand’s digital
landscape, marketers have found themselves in the perfect position to expand
their company horizons. Today we’ll ...

Bangkok Bus in the Rain

How Often Should I Post to My Social Media Accounts?

Facebook, Google, Instagram, Marketing, Ben Barling, 19 Jul 18

Preparing your social media content is only half the battle. Now that you have that at hand, how often should you post it?

Google Sign Outside

Trip to Google HQ in San Francisco

Google, Marketing, Ben Barling, 5 Jul 18

From a night tour of Alcatraz and Giants baseball to Google HQ, check out Davids amazing trip over to San Francisco and Google Headquarters

Cybertower Walk Over Bridge

What Is Remarketing And How Does It Work?

Adwords, Marketing, SEO / PPC, Ben Barling, 21 Mar 18

Online marketing isn’t just your website, its your online presence through the entirety of the internet.