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As an established digital marketing agency, we know the importance of developing a rapport and connecting with your clients. Your marketing initiatives yield the results that you are after when you communicate effectively with your customers. To help you achieve this goal, our Bangkok based team of dynamic and innovative digital marketing professionals will help you develop a custom digital strategy for the greatest reach and engagement possible. Whether it’s a Google AdWords campaign, search engine optimization or a custom website that will increase your bottom line, DIGITAL BASE is committed to building your long term success.

Director's Statement

In an online world, digital marketing has become vital to any marketing campaign. My extensive experience in managing digital development teams has taught me that the best digital marketing solution is flexible and transparent and I started DIGITAL BASE to provide exactly this type of service.

The process we use with each project is clear: Listen carefully to your requirements, develop a solution specific to you, and implement this strategy with clear communication. While your campaign is running we provide you with transparent analytics and reporting confirming your progress and investment.

As an amalgamation of our team’s 25+ years of industry specific experience the diverse backgrounds and specialities at DIGITAL BASE allow us a wider insight that is unique in the digital marketing sector. Our complete online solution includes, but is not limited to; web development, branding, design, digital marketing, content creation and content syndication.

I’m proud to introduce you to my team and to give you an insight into our goals, methodology and services at DIGITAL BASE.



DIGITAL BASE will offer everything you need to create consistent, coordinated user experiences across all digital channels. Our integrated strategy, design and development services will launch brands, websites, and digital marketing campaigns to the next level of success.

Core Values


Providing a good service to you is a top priority for the team at DIGITAL BASE. Regardless of project size, our approach is always the same: listening carefully to your requirements, using our industry experience to develop an custom strategy for you and implementing that strategy with skill, clear communication and transparency.


A thorough understanding of your requirements allows us to use our skills, experience and industry knowledge to develop a custom strategy for you. We believe success starts with a good strategy.


At every level DIGITAL BASE strives for sustainability: in our relationships with our clients, in the value we add to their business and in internal policies and methodology we implement. Transparency, both in service and strategy, is key to performance and is where sustainability begins.



We will use our experience in aligning strategy and communication to create innovative digital products and services in partnership with forward-thinking individuals and brands.

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From customized website design and development to digital marketing, our mission is to help you communicate effectively with your clients online.

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