Coffee Shop Content

Coffee shops here in Bangkok are in need of more and more content for there online platforms, but especially unique pieces of specifically designed content.

With the number of quirky, unique cafes and bistros popping up all around Bangkok, it is now on the business to promote and sell their services through their website and social channels.

Stock imagery certainly has its place within the market, however, you are selling more than just coffee, you are selling the experience of relaxing, socialising within your establishment. This cannot be done through stock imagery.

Our bespoke package includes not only photography but videography as well. Moving image is one of the best ways to engage and keep your audience’s attention, so including this, is a must.

Here at DIGITAL BASE, we have put together a package specifically designed to help modern business combat and avoid falling into the common content and media traps.

Where iPhone Photography is certainly a great last resort, it most certainly isn’t what you would want most companies would want to tie link with their brand.

This particular package isn’t an ongoing strategy, but presents a solid foundation for building a successful and professional online presence. People want to see your coffee shop, your coffee, your food. This content creation package will enhance your customers first impressions dramatically.

The best way to help your customers realise the opportunity is to show them, so please see a short promotional example video below which accompanies the photos above.

We hope that you see the value in this very important part of your business. The first impression of your business is one to be taken as seriously as possible. You may not have the best location, the most variety in food, so this is your opportunity to sell the experience.

Please contact us today to arrange your photo and video shoot.

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