Event Photography

If you are running, sponsoring or hosting an event for your company, then I must say, documenting it is a must.

Let’s say that your restaurant is hosting a new years celebration. Why not document it and use the short video and selection of images to promote your future events? Show your next customers what they missed out on last time!

With the time and money that is spent organising and setting up these events, it seems like a huge waste to not have any photos or videos to show after.

Are You Part of a...

Golf Event?

New Years Party?

Christmas Party?

Fundraising Dinner?

Lecture or Conference?

Please Don't Let That Hard Work Go Unnoticed

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Examples of our event photography and video work are not only from our clients but also us internally.

We work alongside some great brands and have helped document everything from their workflow, corporate conferences, even competitive sporting days.

Below you will see a great example of how only a few photos and a short video can work extremely well together.

This is content taken from a branding talk at a local co-working space here in Bangkok.

Who Are Our Usual Clients?

Our type of clients who opt for any Event Photography or Videography are wanting to inject value into their brand.

The important thing to remember is that building your business is a marathon, not a sprint. Take advantage of every opportunity to get your brand in front of as many people as possible.

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