Local SEO

Be seen in local search results

Did you know that 46% of all searches conducted on Google are local? Local search provides businesses with an avenue to promote themselves to local customers at the time they’re searching for a related product or service. Local SEO utilises business information such as your company name, phone number, geographic location and opening hours to enable you to feature and rank in these location-specific searches.

Ensuring you have a presence in local search makes good business sense when you hear how effective it is. It’s not surprising to us that 50% of consumers will make a store visit within a day of doing a local search on their smartphone, including 34% of consumers using a tablet or computer. The key to ranking on local search is to appear in Google’s map listings. And we can show you how.

Enhance your SEO with Google My Business

Google Map Listings appear in 93% of searches that have local intent. The best way to get visibility for your business within local searches is through Google My Business (GMB).

Think of it as your online business profile, a place where you manage your business information online. DIGITAL BASE can set you up properly on GMB to ensure you’re on the right track to ranking high in local search results.

Increasing your online presence

Google’s My Business listing is just one of many that exist on the web. Adding listings (citations) to directories and other online sources with your NAP (business name, address and phone number), will also boost your local search rankings and online presence.

Google uses citations to assess the online authority of your business, verify the accuracy of your contact details and also determine your local ranking. So the more citations you have the better. But the critical factor here is accuracy. Incorrect citations that don’t exactly match the information that’s on your site dramatically impacts your ranking. A citation clean up will ensure all of your listings are consistent with what is on your site.

Be found locally

Local SEO in Thailand

Aside from the obvious improvement to your search rankings, having a strong local SEO strategy means you can:

  • Look forward to a boost in traffic and conversions, as local listings feature above the organic results and take up a fair bit of real estate.
  • Control how you appear on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.
  • Streamline your marketing campaigns to a specific target market (location based), resulting in more effective executions and measures.
  • Gather valuable data on the number of clicks and calls you directly receive from your Google Map Listings.
  • Connect with customers based on their reviews and ratings of your business through Google My Business. Good ratings help maintain your reputation.
  • Be found easier online with increased visibility, particularly on mobile devices.

Succeeding in local SEO is easy when you have an expert to lend a hand. Speak to DIGITAL BASE today about how we can help you on 02 541 4407.

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