Urban Photography

One of the great things about living in a bustling city like Bangkok, Thailand is the never sleeping backdrop and environment. There’s always something happening and there is always something new to photograph. Such a sprawling urban playground ensures there’s enough to keep even the most disciplined urban photographer busy.

We like to think that the DIGITAL BASE team are all a little creative in their own field. Several of us have been hobbyist photographers and videographers long before we joined together as DIGITAL BASE. A few of us also started our lives overseas and, after seeing a bit of the world, migrated to settle in Bangkok.

There’s a lot to this big city and you don’t always need a model to showcase it. Once you include a model and a loose concept, however, you can really start creating some very interesting urban / street imagery.

Shoot what's around

Urban Photography

Urban and Street Photography can be thought of as capturing a particular occurrence at a particular time in a particular place. Take advantage of the chaotic backdrop that is Bangkok.

Whether you shoot static landscape shots or enjoying mixing models and city scapes, there’s plenty of opportunity here un Bangkok, Thailand.

Urban photography doesn’t just have to be about scenery or architecture of a particular location. It should also be seen as ‘Slice of Life’ photography and makes up one of the key elements of Travel Photography.

Using key elements and locations in the backgrounds of your images, also allows you to assign a familiarity and culture to them. This can be very helpful with both product photography and fashion photography too.

Placing your product or model in an urban environment can quickly assign a mood and culture to your product that may not be so easy otherwise. The images we have done of Cherry at the Graffiti Park, for example, provide an ‘edginess’ that wouldn’t have been so easy in a studio. If you wanted to showcase a product to city based teenagers, for example, a shoot at this location would really help that shine.

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