Establishing your brand and position in the market is most easily accomplished through the use of good photography. While stock imagery has its place, showing actual images of ‘the team’, your location and the products you have to sell instils a level of confidence and actuality with your clients.

This insight into who and what your company is maybe the reason a client chooses you over a competitor.

Whether it is for Real Estate, Retail Premises or even your studio, making sure that it is photographed and edited correctly is essential.

Have you taken into account the image quality, lens distortion, colour correction when adding new images to your social media or website?

These are just a few of the things that separate amateur photography from professionals and it can make a huge difference.

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Fashion Photography

Are you an up and coming fashion brand here in Bangkok?

Are you looking to do an onsite fashion photo shoot?

Whether it is in a studio or out on site, we have all areas covered. From photographing garments to accessories. We can help portray your brand image across your collection of items.

Are you spending the next few months preparing and planning for an event?

Are you sponsoring a big event here in Bangkok or Thailand?

People often overlook the simple things, spending all of this time and money organising the event, but then nothing in the way of capturing it.

Why not use the photos and video taken at your first event to promote your next ones?

Check out some of our event photography below

Product Photography

Are you trying to sell something from your website? Social media?

Do you think that a professional image of your product would sell it better?

Do you have continuity across your product and brand photography?

Whether you are selling small jewellery items or huge machinery, high-quality photography is a must.

Urban Photography

Utilising your environment in your photography is a great way to include some real life culture that isn’t always so easy to reproduce in a studio.

Some real world commercial uses of Urban Photography might be:

  • Building Externals / Architecture
  • Event Location
  • Relevant Product Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Travel Photography

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