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Having Interior Photography and Video for your website or any social media is extremely important in this modern society. With the modern consumer’s attention becoming shorter and shorter, its crucial that we do all that we can to keep hold of it when we do eventually catch their eye.

Having unique and professional photography/videography can make a huge difference by not only catching new customers but engaging with your current audience too.

Clear, concise and attractive photos/videos that show off your business should be at the top of any companies agenda.

Your Website, Facebook, Instagram or any other online platform is usually the first experience that a customer will get with your brand. Making sure that it is the best it could possibly be is very important.

At the moment, the most engaging content that you can put online is Photo and even more so, Video. It gets more engagement, costs less per view and just generally helps consumers far better than most written content can.

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Here (above) are some examples from a Co-Working space based out of Bangkok.

Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Retail Stores, Gyms, Real Estate Agents are all great examples for where your media content is crucial to the success of the business.

For these services. what better than a sleek 60-second video accompanied with a selection of photos to present your business/space.

This is what is going to entice your customers to call or visit, so give it the attention that it needs.

The content can be as simple as a walkthrough video for your shop, but alternatively, could be a more in-depth look into what happens there.

What better to accompany a series of photos of your offices, than a video showing the services and products that you have to offer?

The content that you have been looking at is taken from 2 events at the Just Co, Co-Working space.

All of this Photo and Video content has come from only 2 events which can then populate your website and social media for the next month or two if you wanted it to.

It’s really that easy.

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