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Project Showcase: Carroll Prep

Carroll Prep is a unique hybrid school that uses a Thai approach to achieve international academic standards. The Carroll Method emphasizes collaboration, critical thinking skills, self reliance, and emotional stability to produce a creative and self-confident citizen of the world.

The primary campus website comprises the first of several platforms we’ve been asked to help with. The DIGITAL BASE team are now working on an updated website for the Young Hawk’s Learning Centre for younger children.

Project Showcase: Taisu Ventures

DIGITAL BASE is pleased to announce the launch of the new Taisu Ventures website. Taisu is a Venture Capital firm that invests in and empowers early-stage Web 3 companies across the globe.  They support entrepreneurs who are dedicated to building the future with Blockchain technologies. The new website maintains a clean and direct aesthetic providing easy access to relevant information while being fast and responsive.

Project Showcase: BLF2023

DIGITAL BASE is pleased to announce the launch of the new Bangkok Literature Festival 2023 website. In collaboration with the Neilson Hays Library team, we’ve developed a straightforward and user-friendly website to showcase the upcoming Bangkok Literature Festival. The website aims to provide essential information, including author sessions, workshop schedules and bios on various speakers. Our goal was simplicity and functionality to ensure visitors find what they need quickly.


A good digital presence is integral to your success. But it only takes a few seconds to grab the attention of your potential clients before they click that mouse and move on. At DIGITAL BASE, we offer a full spectrum of digital marketing services and provide you with strategic, technical and creative execution across all digital platforms. With over ten years of experience, our dynamic and innovative team of digital marketing professionals can help you develop solutions to build your brand, run a Google AdWords campaign, SEO or social media marketing strategy.


From customised website design and development to digital marketing, our mission is to help you communicate effectively with your clients online. From conceptualisation to delivery, we are committed to building your long-term success.


DIGITAL BASE is a marketing, development & design agency in Bangkok, Thailand offering everything you need to create consistent, coordinated user experiences across all digital channels. Our integrated strategy, design and development services launch brands, websites, and digital marketing campaigns to the next level of success.


Company News & Digital Marketing Guides

Every now and then we find a little piece of information we think might be helpful. Or we do something we’re pretty proud of. This news section is our opportunity to share those things and to put some thought and ideas on ‘paper’.

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