Training Ground

Training Ground Bangkok stands out as a beacon of fitness and community in the bustling city of Bangkok. Founded by Ron and Jasmine, the gymnasium has a unique history, evolving from humble beginnings in a free park and an abandoned condo gym, to becoming one of the most respected CrossFit gyms in the region. Their mission is simple yet profound: “To make fitness more honest and easier to access.” They foster a culture where age is no barrier, and confidence is built through fitness, aiming to create a space where the young can work out alongside the elderly, all while maintaining a healthy, ego-free environment.


In an industry crowded with competitors, Training Ground needed to stand out. They required a digital presence that not only reflected their unique philosophy and community spirit but also attracted a diverse range of members. Furthermore, they needed effective online marketing strategies to reach a broader audience and drive more engagement and memberships.

Solutions Provided by Digital Base

  1. Website Design & Development:

    • Digital Base crafted a new website for Training Ground, ensuring it mirrors the gym’s ethos and vibrancy. The website features a user-friendly interface, compelling content, and a design that encapsulates the spirit of inclusivity and motivation that Training Ground promotes.
    • Functionality to handle class schedules, member testimonials, and detailed information about their programs was integrated, providing an all-in-one platform for both existing and potential members.
  2. Facebook Advertising Management:

    • We implemented targeted Facebook advertising campaigns to engage with the gym’s key demographics.
    • These campaigns were designed to highlight Training Ground’s unique community-centric approach, showcasing real stories of transformation and camaraderie within the gym.
    • Regular monitoring and tweaking of these ads ensured optimal reach and engagement.
  3. Google Ads Management:

    • Our team managed a robust Google Ads campaign to capture those searching for fitness solutions in Bangkok.
    • We focused on keywords that aligned with Training Ground’s philosophy, ensuring that the gym appeared in searches related to inclusive, community-driven fitness.
    • Continuous optimization of these ads helped in maintaining high visibility and driving traffic to the website.


The new website received overwhelmingly positive feedback for its ease of use and engaging content, leading to increased inquiries and sign-ups.

Facebook advertising campaigns significantly boosted online engagement, leading to a noticeable increase in gym visitations and trial class bookings.

Google Ads efforts resulted in a higher click-through rate and a substantial increase in website traffic, contributing to a greater number of memberships.


Digital Base’s collaboration with Training Ground Bangkok is a testament to how a tailored digital strategy can amplify a brand’s message and reach. By aligning

with Training Ground’s ethos and leveraging effective digital marketing tools, Digital Base successfully enhanced their online presence and community engagement, contributing to their growth and reinforcing their position as a leader in the fitness industry in Bangkok.

Through innovative website design, strategic Facebook advertising, and targeted Google Ads, Digital Base played a pivotal role in helping Training Ground realize its vision of creating an inclusive, ego-free fitness community. This case study stands as a shining example of how the right digital strategies can transform a business, connecting them with their ideal audience and propelling them towards greater success.

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