Sponsored Work Permit

Sponsored Work Permit is a distinguished service provider in Thailand, specializing in assisting individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations with obtaining work permits and visas. They offer seamless solutions to those seeking to live and work in Thailand, ensuring compliance and ease throughout the process.

The Challenge

Despite offering invaluable services, Sponsored Work Permit faced challenges in effectively reaching its target audience. They needed to enhance their online presence, particularly on social media platforms, to connect with potential clients who require guidance and assistance in navigating Thai immigration and work permit processes.


Social Media Marketing

Digital Base stepped in to bridge this gap. Recognizing the unique needs of Sponsored Work Permit, we crafted a tailored social media strategy focused on Facebook – a platform with significant reach amongst their target demographic. Our approach involved:

  • Content Creation: We developed a series of engaging and informative articles and graphics. These pieces were designed to educate the audience about the complexities of obtaining work permits and visas in Thailand and how Sponsored Work Permit simplifies this process.

  • Visual Engagement: Understanding the power of visuals in social media engagement, we provided a range of custom images. These visuals were not only appealing but also served to break down complex information into easily digestible formats.

  • Brand Consistency: We ensured that all content aligned with Sponsored Work Permit’s brand identity, delivering a consistent message across all posts.

The Outcome

Our strategic approach led to a noticeable increase in engagement on Sponsored Work Permit’s Facebook page. This uplift in social media presence translated into greater brand awareness and an increase in inquiries from potential clients.

  • Enhanced online visibility and brand recognition.
  • Increased engagement and interaction on their social media platform.
  • Positive feedback from Sponsored Work Permit on the quality and effectiveness of the content.

At Digital Base, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke digital marketing solutions that resonate with our clients’ unique needs. Our work with Sponsored Work Permit exemplifies our commitment to enhancing online presence and engagement through targeted social media strategies. Contact us to discover how we can amplify your digital footprint.

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