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PyCon Thailand

The international community for the Python programming language holds annual conferences in countries around the globe. PyCon Thailand will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from June 16 to June 17, 2018. For each of these international PyCon events, often a modified version of the iconic Pycon logo is created to reflect the host country. Our designers at DIGITAL BASE were happy for this opportunity to liaise with members of the Python Thailand community to design a logo that depicts the Python logo with a Thai flair.

Pycon Logo on Paper with Glasses
Pycon Logo Poster in Frame and Deld
Pycon Logo on Grey Shirt
Pycon Display Stands
Pycon Logo on Shirt on David Statue

Client Testimonial

From Dylan Jay of PyCon Thailand

Priscilla and her team did a great job working with us to make a logo for our yearly event. She went the extra mile to iterate over many ideas and listen to our feedback until we had what we were looking for.

Services Included:

DIGITAL BASE provided PyCon Thailand with the following services:

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