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Meet the Team

At DIGITAL BASE each team member brings their own unique set of skills and talents to the table. In providing a full range of digital marketing services including search engine optimization, custom web development, design, and digital marketing we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Benjamin Barling

Languages Spoken: English & Thai

About: For over 20 years Ben has called Thailand his home. As the Managing Director and tyrant overlord of the Bangkok office, he manages day to day operations including site development, project management, domestic sales and SEO research.

Interests: Wanna be photographer. Gamer and hobbyist in spare time. Occasional jet setter.

Portrait of Staff - Ben

David Swan

Languages Spoken: English

About: From Google Adwords and SEO to website builds, David’s role as Digital Services Director keeps him on his toes.

Interests: David is a keen adventurer and avid lover of extreme sports. He loves Scotch, rich mahogany in his apartment and has somehow acquired far too many leather-bound books.

Portrait of Staff - David

Varapol Mapunya

Languages Spoken: English & Thai

About: Varapol, also known as Bond, is our in-house techie and account manager. Jack of all trades and master of technical support, Bond will handle any queries, troubleshooting and help you push your new website live.

Interests: Everything, with a strong focus on nerd stuff.

Portrait of Staff - Bond

Priscilla Mageropoulos

Languages Spoken: English & Thai

About: As Creative Director at DIGITAL BASE, Priscilla (Nok) is all about clean lines and clean designs. She gives equal importance to creativity and correct process, and nothing makes her happier than successfully completed projects.

Interests: Mother of 2 and amateur chef. Lover of lists and all things beautiful.

Portrait of Staff - Nok

Ratsuporn Charoenkit

Languages Spoken: Thai & English

About: As DIGITAL BASE’s business development manager, Ratsuporn (MaMeaw) is focused on monthly targets and client acquisition.

Interests: MaMeaw loves to read books, watch movies and travel.

Portrait of Staff - Mameaw

Nicolas Chueca

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish & a bit of Thai

About: Nico is our resident Digital Marketing Specialist at DIGITAL BASE. An expert in PPC he develops the digital marketing strategies, builds the campaigns, and manages the Google & Facebook digital advertising accounts.

Interests: Nico is a regular runner and a weekend traveler.

Portrait of Staff - Nico

Sasipa Thuntinwong

Languages Spoken: Thai & English

About: As our Office Administrator, Sasipa (PingPong or PP) helps to make sure DIGITAL BASE is running smoothly.

Interests: She loves sports and you’ll often find her watching the NBA.

Portrait of Staff - Sasipa